Tuesday, February 16, 2010

et moi valentino valentines

valentines was supposed to be a day for the lovers (turned out that it was, for us, party a date). february 14. i woke up to the tune of adele's chasing pavements. it was early in the morning, with the rooster's cockatoo. i booted up the computer and started to do my little photoshop. so i was searching for a really nice thing to do besided making an i love you card, which is kind of passe! so i had to brain storm of what to do. first, i was thinking of giving him something, but then it hit me hard! why dont i make something personal, something outside the box.

so i began to scribble and think. *ding. an idea came to mind. and this was my gift for him (cutting the long story short)

that was one of my downest and happiest moments with him. i really wanted to surprise him - and in fact he was! someone loves more than the other.

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