Tuesday, February 16, 2010

keeping my fingers crossed

this has been the toughest month for my.rez. after what he has been through for the past weeks or days for that matter, i can truly say that i was beside him.

thinking about the future. im ticking off the days to graduation and after handing the diploma to me, i still dont know what to do. passed 3 resumes to 3 different companies. since he's at convergys now, i think that i might as well work there, and hope that we will be on the same account. im seeing myself with him for the next year, and the next and decade after that and so on.

i love my.rez. im doing everything to show him how much i love him. if i could just put up my own house in front of theirs i would (that's how much i love him). it was a stressful and tiring day today, but i've managed to pay him a visit at their house, i love him and i guess you'll do everything for someone you love.

keeping my fingers crossed that he's serious about us, keeping my fingers crossed that we will stay together if not til death, forever.

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