Thursday, February 11, 2010

my rez and me (prelude)

november 26, 2009 when said yes to his question. it was a very surreal moment since it was my first ever serious relationship. he admitted that he started out playing with me and had some kind of an MU on the side. i had chills when he recently swore to me about it. i have been caught off guard a lot of times through the course of the relationship and this one hit me the hardest.

i thought of making a blog to keep myself updated with every progress of this relationship. i once told myself, hold something back! but i just cant, i love him - i really do. im not afraid of anything - i always tell myself that (back when i was single). but sooner i realized (after he came to my life) that i had a lot of insecurities and fears - the greatest of which is losing him. it's now quarter to one in the morning and i can feel my heart slowly pounding. the TV is turned on and some weird game is flashed.

i feel alone without him. i ask myself sometimes, what will i be without him? actually, i still dont know how to answer. im seriously stuck in this waterloo called love and never have i imagined that such a feeling ever existed.

petit quarrel is a common sin in any relationship.

as i end my very first love blog (pausing for a while and thinks what to write) i just wanted to tell the world that i love him and that wiln't change. we've exchanged our vows already. now all we need is some kind of miracle and a new house.

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